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Your Flying Trapezius

Learn how to release tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back by discovering your trapezius muscle with imagery, using the Franklin Method.  Bring the “sexy” back to your back.


Psoas take 2: move it!

We are continuing from the previous video.  You know where the psoas muscle is.   You can feel it.  You have learned how to relax it when it is stressed.  Now learn how using it with awareness can make many Pilates exercises feel deeper and more effortless.  Want a better teaser?  Watch now.


Introducing your amazing psoas!

Discover how this incredible muscle, which is one of the most important ones for standing and walking, could be causing low back pain, hip stiffness or a general state of fatigue or stress.

Get it working better so you can leap tall buildings with a single bound and land safely.

I will share with you three simple Franklin Method techniques to help develop awareness, relieve tension and relieve pain.


Fascial Fitness

I know you like to be connected to the internet.

How connected are you with the inner “net” of your body, the fascia?

The fascia surrounds every bone, organ and muscle.  Without the fascia,  your muscles would look like a puddle of honey and your bones would be in a pile.

This wonderful inner “glove” has a wonderful elastic quality that should stretch and rebound.

Discover how to get that bounce back in your body with today’s video.


Time of the season for your kidneys

Does the holiday season get you wrapped up in knots?

With the shopping, cooking, family, and traveling you might forget to take care of yourself.

If you are stressing out, not dressing warmly enough, eating too much party food  and forgetting to drink enough water, you could be depleting your kidney energy.
In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the “gateway to vitality”.  So true!

Watch now for three simple things you can do to help these hard working organs.

Enjoy my Holiday extravaganza at the end and have a Merry Christmas!


Just Breathe

Is it possible to just take a moment for yourself and take a deep breath?

Was that hard?  How many moments do you give yourself a day to just take it in, breathe with it?
Today’s Franklin Method imagery can give you a chance to do just that.




Happy Feet #1

Are your feet killing you?  Sprain your ankle way too often?  Aching feet is one of the number one complaints people have as they get older.  We’re using Franklin Method today to share some great imagery and simple exercises to get you back on your feet.  I’m also showing off a few hidden talents at the end of the video. Extra credit if you can count how many foot idioms I used in the intro.


Fly Away Shoulder Tension

How are your shoulders feeling right now? Shoulder tension is the number one complaint I hear from everyone.

Today, we’re taking a look at a bone that we share with birds. Their’s is called the furcula or “wishbone”. Can you guess what ours is called?

Get this bone rolling and it will be the key to freeing your shoulders forever.


Are you a tight ass?

Wouldn’t you love to have more energy, a pain free back and be more flexible in your hips?  This week we’re taking a look at how your pelvis is supposed to move, in more ways than one.  A new image can completely change how an old exercise feels.


shoulder blade tango

Are you over training and getting more pain than gain in your shoulders?
This week we are going to get up close and personal with your shoulder blades.
With imagery and the Franklin Method find out for yourself if they are frozen to your ribs and preventing your arms from moving.
I hope you stay through the end of this short video for the dance party.
I have a special tango partner this week. Let’s keep moving and having fun!

Let’s do the Spine Dance!


It’s time to start the PARTY!

party 1


     Actively in





I am so excited to finally launch my first weekly movement video for the PilateZone family to share.

 I know you are getting all the benefits of walking through the studio door and working your a** off.

Now you can get weekly reminders, insights into the work or exercise tips to share with friends and family who have been wondering what keeps you so young.

This week I am sharing Franklin Method imagery for a healthy spine you can do while sitting at your computer.  

Next week, taking it to the floor.

Pilates, yoga, The five Tibetan Rituals that keep you forever young, as well as home workouts will be coming.

Just a warning, I’m getting a little silly with this first one, but I promise you will get real workouts as the weeks go by.

Please share this video with your friends and family and we will really get this party started.

Let me know what you would like to take a deeper look at in the comments below.

with much love and wishes for a grand life in a healthy body,



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