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Ancient Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

How would you like to reverse the aging process, gain youthful vitality, turn your grey hair dark again and improve strength and agility? These five ancient exercises have done this for thousands of people through out the ages. It’s simple, fast, and it works.


Let’s Get Grounded

I  started hiking three years ago, with trepidation, having never done more than some leaps across a dance studio before that.  Last September I celebrated my 60th birthday with a two week hike through the Swiss Alps.  I would never have dreamed of doing that if I hadn’t conquered my fears and taken ACTION.
Todays video is a yogic technique for conquering fear and strengthening your root chakra. A simple and effective technique


Chi, baby

Is it “chi” or “qi”?  However you spell it, we are talking about the life force in your body.  If you are feeling tired or stagnant, move your chi and you can feel better instantly.  Try this two minute pick me up to feel GOOD.


4-7-8 breath

Learn a quick, simple, ancient breathing technique that will calm your nervous system, curve your cravings and help you fall asleep at night.  It’s as simple as 4-7-8.


The power of words.

Words can make you depressed, ecstatic, make you feel loved or lonely.  You can use them to strengthen your chakras and calm your mind. Have a “yummy ” time with me.


Return to the Fountain of Youth

Try these five simple exercises in less than 5 minutes to turn back the aging clock and return to your juicy youthiness!  We have done these in my classes and now you can practice with me at home.


Just Breathe

Is it possible to just take a moment for yourself and take a deep breath?

Was that hard?  How many moments do you give yourself a day to just take it in, breathe with it?
Today’s Franklin Method imagery can give you a chance to do just that.




Radiant You

Create more radiance, strengthen  your nervous system, flush out your chakras with this amazing breathing technique.  I’ve been practicing kundalini yoga for over 40 years and this is one of my favorite techniques to feel revitalized.  Go slowly, start with one minute and gradually work your way up to eleven minutes.  Feel the flush of radiance.



The 5 Tibetan Rites

This is one secret you’re going to want to share.  I know I have.  These 5 simple exercises can reverse the aging process, give you more energy, relieve arthritis pain, and turn your grey hair dark again.  These are claims thousands people have made who have done these exercises.  Deepak Chopra does them and so does Dr. Oz.  I’ve been doing them for two years now and I can feel the vitality I have gained.  Try them for yourself and let me know how they make you feel.  Conduct an experiment.  Try them every day for two weeks and see if your feel a difference.


Are you a tight ass?

Wouldn’t you love to have more energy, a pain free back and be more flexible in your hips?  This week we’re taking a look at how your pelvis is supposed to move, in more ways than one.  A new image can completely change how an old exercise feels.



This week’s video is about the power of words.  Choose them wisely.
Use them to transform and heal.

Sound carries a vibration that can affect your body and your mind.  This week we’re delving a tiny bit into the chakras.  Each of these seven energy centers is associated with a gland in your endocrine system. This one will affect your thymus gland which helps with immunity.  Enjoy and have fun with it.


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