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Breath of Life 4-7-8

Revisit this ancient healing technique as taught by Dr. Andrew Weill.
Use it to relieve stress, help you fall asleep and to strengthen your immune system.


Ancient Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

How would you like to reverse the aging process, gain youthful vitality, turn your grey hair dark again and improve strength and agility? These five ancient exercises have done this for thousands of people through out the ages. It’s simple, fast, and it works.


Relaxation Therapy

In stressful and uncertain times, breath and sound therapy can heal the mind and body. Enjoy this relaxing video with breathing techniques, visualization and a five minute gong bath to reset your nervous system.


Water is life

It’s the time of the season for indulging with friends and family.  Don’t forget to indulge in this refreshing beverage to stay healthy and hydrated.


Keep your cool

Feeling hot under the collar? In the summer, there’s no better way to stay cool as a cucumber than eating or juicing them. Cucumbers are super hydrating and tasty.


Tapping technique for healing

Learn this important and super easy technique to speed up healing in your body. You can do this on your friends, family and pets to speed up the healing process.


Let’s Get Grounded

I  started hiking three years ago, with trepidation, having never done more than some leaps across a dance studio before that.  Last September I celebrated my 60th birthday with a two week hike through the Swiss Alps.  I would never have dreamed of doing that if I hadn’t conquered my fears and taken ACTION.
Todays video is a yogic technique for conquering fear and strengthening your root chakra. A simple and effective technique


Brain Fog

Have you been experiencing a lack of focus, poor memory, difficulty finding the right word or learning new things?  You may be experiencing brain fog.  Many things affect brain health including food. Today we are looking at a super food that can feed your brain the fuel it needs for optimal health, walnuts.



Looking for a healthy, gluten free alternative for pasta?  Gluten can cause inflammation. This week I’m showing you a quick, easy and fun way to turn your vegetables into pasta.


Food Detective

What unhealthy food traps are lurking in your cupboard?

The FDA has just declared that all partially hydrogenated oils will be banned….in 2018.They know those ugly fats are responsible for a number of diseases.  Your mission, should you decide to accept is:  Get them out now with a kitchen detox.


Chi, baby

Is it “chi” or “qi”?  However you spell it, we are talking about the life force in your body.  If you are feeling tired or stagnant, move your chi and you can feel better instantly.  Try this two minute pick me up to feel GOOD.


My Sweet Potato

Have a laugh and a dance with Petite Child as she shares her favorite, healthy, two minute recipe for the sweet potato.

This vegetable is mother nature’s richest source of beta carotene.

The recipe is at the end of the video.


4-7-8 breath

Learn a quick, simple, ancient breathing technique that will calm your nervous system, curve your cravings and help you fall asleep at night.  It’s as simple as 4-7-8.


Disc a-go-go

Are you having one of those “bad back” days?  Do you want your back pain to “go go”?  Here are a few simple ways to get out of spazm and find your mobility.  Learn how the discs need to move in every direction with a few simple exercises.


Return to the Fountain of Youth

Try these five simple exercises in less than 5 minutes to turn back the aging clock and return to your juicy youthiness!  We have done these in my classes and now you can practice with me at home.


Express yourself

What could you achieve if you were completely uninhibited and there was nothing stopping you?
I am here to support you and say “Go for it!

What can you say yes to that will make your heart sing and your loins quiver?
I am posting a fave video from last summer in celebration of saying yes and letting inhibitions go (with a little Cinco de Mayo thrown in for good measure).


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