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Breath of Life 4-7-8

Revisit this ancient healing technique as taught by Dr. Andrew Weill.
Use it to relieve stress, help you fall asleep and to strengthen your immune system.


Let’s Get Grounded

I  started hiking three years ago, with trepidation, having never done more than some leaps across a dance studio before that.  Last September I celebrated my 60th birthday with a two week hike through the Swiss Alps.  I would never have dreamed of doing that if I hadn’t conquered my fears and taken ACTION.
Todays video is a yogic technique for conquering fear and strengthening your root chakra. A simple and effective technique


4-7-8 breath

Learn a quick, simple, ancient breathing technique that will calm your nervous system, curve your cravings and help you fall asleep at night.  It’s as simple as 4-7-8.


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