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Let’s do the twist!

The Twist.  Here’s a beautiful Pilates exercise done on the reformer that has it all.

Shoulder and arm strength, flexibility and killer core work. Follow these simple steps on the mat to build the strength to nail it on the reformer.


Another cup of Joe

After an inspiring trip to the Gila Wilderness,  I was thankful for the strength Pilates gave me to endure and thrive on an 18 mile trek.  Let’s love those 100’s and enjoy the footage at the end, of Joe, circa 1936, working out in the woods.



Jumping is a great way to warm up your muscles before your Pilates mat work.  It also builds bone density, releases endorphins, burns calories and helps with lymph drainage.  Jump along with me and Joe.


Killer abs

Learn 5 quick Pilates exercises you can do in less than two minutes to strengthen and tone your core. Try doing the exercises mentally with me first. We call this “mental simulation of movement”. Imagine YOU are on the mat moving with perfect form. Feel it. This mental rehearsal will stimulate your brain and fire muscles so when you do the exercises for real you can do them with more efficiency.


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