Your Flying Trapezius

Learn how to release tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back by discovering your trapezius muscle with imagery, using the Franklin Method.  Bring the “sexy” back to your back.



Jumping is a great way to warm up your muscles before your Pilates mat work.  It also builds bone density, releases endorphins, burns calories and helps with lymph drainage.  Jump along with me and Joe.


Return to the Fountain of Youth

Try these five simple exercises in less than 5 minutes to turn back the aging clock and return to your juicy youthiness!  We have done these in my classes and now you can practice with me at home.


Express yourself

What could you achieve if you were completely uninhibited and there was nothing stopping you?
I am here to support you and say “Go for it!

What can you say yes to that will make your heart sing and your loins quiver?
I am posting a fave video from last summer in celebration of saying yes and letting inhibitions go (with a little Cinco de Mayo thrown in for good measure).


Like New, Baby

I’m going to “give you the skinny” on the largest organ in your body.

Learn three easy steps you can take to look and feel younger, more energized and less stressed


Psoas take 2: move it!

We are continuing from the previous video.  You know where the psoas muscle is.   You can feel it.  You have learned how to relax it when it is stressed.  Now learn how using it with awareness can make many Pilates exercises feel deeper and more effortless.  Want a better teaser?  Watch now.


Introducing your amazing psoas!

Discover how this incredible muscle, which is one of the most important ones for standing and walking, could be causing low back pain, hip stiffness or a general state of fatigue or stress.

Get it working better so you can leap tall buildings with a single bound and land safely.

I will share with you three simple Franklin Method techniques to help develop awareness, relieve tension and relieve pain.


Party in a Glass

Feeling a little blah?  Instead of reaching for that glass of wine, bowl of ice cream or bag of cookies, try this refreshing green lemonade.  Organic, nutritious, chock full of antioxidants and oh so tasty.  Petite Child pays us a visit and brings us a party in a glass.  Today we are juicing, rebooting our health and mind set.

Share with us in the comments below how you like to reboot yourself in the winter.


Fascial Fitness

I know you like to be connected to the internet.

How connected are you with the inner “net” of your body, the fascia?

The fascia surrounds every bone, organ and muscle.  Without the fascia,  your muscles would look like a puddle of honey and your bones would be in a pile.

This wonderful inner “glove” has a wonderful elastic quality that should stretch and rebound.

Discover how to get that bounce back in your body with today’s video.


Tap your way to health

This is an important video.  I’m going to share one tapping technique that can speed your healing process ten fold. This is just one technique I learned a few years ago from Body Talk Access called “balancing the cortices”.

All illness and injuries are recorded in the brain.  This process speeds the innate process that  the body has to heal itself by balancing the brain with touch and breath.

I have had incredible results, stopping bleeding, bruising, and swelling in accidents.  Other friends have stopped seizures in their pets.  It’s non invasive and easy to do on yourself and friends.


Time of the season for your kidneys

Does the holiday season get you wrapped up in knots?

With the shopping, cooking, family, and traveling you might forget to take care of yourself.

If you are stressing out, not dressing warmly enough, eating too much party food  and forgetting to drink enough water, you could be depleting your kidney energy.
In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the “gateway to vitality”.  So true!

Watch now for three simple things you can do to help these hard working organs.

Enjoy my Holiday extravaganza at the end and have a Merry Christmas!


Kiss (of ginger)

I woke  up with a cold and sore throat, after a plane  ride, a strange hotel, and lots of rich sweet, food.

The first thing I did when I got home was make myself some warm ginger tea.

Ginger is like a good kiss: heartwarming, a bit spicy and stimulates the appetite 😉

This root is miraculous in so many ways.

Watch now as I share at least 10  benefits of the kiss of ginger, and have a dance with me at the end.


which road are you going to take?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Which road are you going to take this season?  The steeper route that gets you there quicker or the easier route with the better views?

Take time to enjoy family and friends as I re-share my favorite raw kale salad recipe.  I’m taking the easier route now by leaving the stems on the leaves.  Just as yummy and more nutritious.



I’m back after a month long sabbatical.  I had intended on resting and contemplating the meaning of life and instead got totally inspired in my new favorite activity, mountain trekking.

With a friend and a set of trekking poles I am excited to go out and climb mountains in the Santa Fe area three times a week, three hours at a time.  This is something I have never done in my life.  I am the dancer, in the safe studio with the bare feet.  Now, give me some yak trax, a 2000 foot accent and the smell of sweet pine.  I’m discovering muscles I have never felt and a new sense of calm and confidence.  What was stopping me before?  Fear.  Fear of the unknown.

This weeks video talks about hour fear can be an imbalance in the first chakra.  If the idea seems a bit out there, I understand.  You can’t see them or get a hold of them, but chakras have been a part of ancient wisdom and healing for centuries.  Try this quick one minute asana to strengthen your root chakra.

Let me know in the comments below what your next big leap will be. Let’s inspire each other.


ch ch changes

As a Pilates student, you should know that Joe was all about the transitions.
He was NOT a dancer, but a boxer.
He studied the movement of animals and nature.   Never an awkward movement in the cats he studied and based some of his work on.

Today’s video is required viewing for all of my students of the reformer.
We’re taking a look at transitions on and off of the apparatus.  These transitions should become an exercise in themselves.
It’s about economy of movement, precision, grace and elegance.
Moving with these qualities is just as important as strength and flexibility.

Where else can you find more graceful transitions in your life?  Let me know in the comments below.



Just Breathe

Is it possible to just take a moment for yourself and take a deep breath?

Was that hard?  How many moments do you give yourself a day to just take it in, breathe with it?
Today’s Franklin Method imagery can give you a chance to do just that.




Stayin’ Alive with Healthy ph

 News Flash!

Cancerous tissues are acidic where as healthy tissue is alkaline.

Remember those pictures of food pyramids in school showing the scale of the Standard American Diet (SAD)?
If we ate those proportions, 80% of the recommended food is acidic and 20% is alkaline.
We’ve got to reverse those percentages!

Don’t get overwhelmed.  It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about making healthy choices.

Today is part two of some life changing information and steps you can take to take control of your health.

There are 3 ways to take control of acidity in your body:

1. Diet (eat more alkaline and less acid producing foods).

2. Lifestyle (sleeping late, not exercising, smoking and drinking excessively can cause you to be acidic).

3. Emotions (stress, anxiety and depression can make you acidic).

Click on the picture below to get the full picture.




face the ph phacts: part 1

This is an important post to me.  I feel like I turned my health around last year by taking a look at my daily eating habits.  I’ve always tried to eat healthy foods, but I wasn’t aware of how many foods I was eating were acid-forming.  Acid equals inflammation in the body if not balanced with equal amounts of alkaline foods. Inflammation can cause any number of ailments from heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes to acne, chronic fatigue and digestive issues.  Take a look at what you eat daily and make small changes to bring your body back into balance.  Eat less acid producing foods and more alkaline. Learn how small steps can create big changes.  I’m not saying you have to give up all your favorite foods, just make sure you aren’t eating them daily and unconsciously.  Let’s start with breakfast

I challenge you to keep a diary of what you are eating and see what the balance of acid to alkaline is.  You may be in for a surprise, like I was.  Let me know in the comments below.  p.s. I made a mistake on the video. Yogurt is neutral, not acid forming, because of the cultures.



Killer abs

Learn 5 quick Pilates exercises you can do in less than two minutes to strengthen and tone your core. Try doing the exercises mentally with me first. We call this “mental simulation of movement”. Imagine YOU are on the mat moving with perfect form. Feel it. This mental rehearsal will stimulate your brain and fire muscles so when you do the exercises for real you can do them with more efficiency.


Happy Feet #1

Are your feet killing you?  Sprain your ankle way too often?  Aching feet is one of the number one complaints people have as they get older.  We’re using Franklin Method today to share some great imagery and simple exercises to get you back on your feet.  I’m also showing off a few hidden talents at the end of the video. Extra credit if you can count how many foot idioms I used in the intro.


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