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Dear One, 

JOe and toys

So, you’ve been doing Pilates for a while and want to breath some new life into your practice?

Or are you new to Pilates or you have friends or family who may want a peek into the genius of Joe’s work?

Want to get some inspiration?

In today’s video I am hoping to share just that with you.

After 22 years of practicing Pilates I find that I can take it to a deeper level still with breath and imagery.


Click here for today’s insights.


Thanks for joining the P.A.R.T.Y.  as we all journey back to our “youthyness”.    😉

Feel free to share this with your friends and family.

Please dance with me and leave any comments below on what is inspiring you.

with love and gratitude,



Let’s do the Spine Dance!


It’s time to start the PARTY!

party 1


     Actively in





I am so excited to finally launch my first weekly movement video for the PilateZone family to share.

 I know you are getting all the benefits of walking through the studio door and working your a** off.

Now you can get weekly reminders, insights into the work or exercise tips to share with friends and family who have been wondering what keeps you so young.

This week I am sharing Franklin Method imagery for a healthy spine you can do while sitting at your computer.  

Next week, taking it to the floor.

Pilates, yoga, The five Tibetan Rituals that keep you forever young, as well as home workouts will be coming.

Just a warning, I’m getting a little silly with this first one, but I promise you will get real workouts as the weeks go by.

Please share this video with your friends and family and we will really get this party started.

Let me know what you would like to take a deeper look at in the comments below.

with much love and wishes for a grand life in a healthy body,



Happy New You!

This is one of my favorite times of year.

After celebrating another great year with all of you at the PilateZone, I wonder what’s next?
One of the things I have pondered as I make my goals for the coming year, is how to take better care of myself.
I know that is something we share.  That is why you come to the studio.
Enough with the “doing, doing, doing”?  How do you want to feel in 2013?

What if your purpose in life is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others?

Let’s work smarter, not necessarily harder this year. Let’s eat better and be kinder.

Set an intension for your Pilates practice.  Something to come back to, keep you focused and take you deeper.
I love going back to the six Pilates Principles (as set out by Joe in his book “Return to Life”):
Concentration: awareness, knowing what’s going on in all parts of your body at all times
Centering: moving from your core
Control: complete control of your mind over your body
Precision: executing the movement exactly as it was meant to be done
Breath: breath as you move, rather than holding your breath, breath is movement
Flow: transition, how you begin and end an exercise are important

As I have always said, you are your own best teacher.
Now, don’t get me wrong, we have some amazing teachers at the Zone, but we are only as good as your attention.

Set some Pilates goals for yourself and let us know how we can help you achieve them.

We are here to serve (and have fun doing it).

My love and best wishes for a happy, healthy New You in 2013!

Look what I got for Christmas!

The Vitamix
(or as Marlyn Seckler calls it, a blender on steroids)
I’ve been looking for a way to get more fresh, whole fruits and vegetables into my diet, one of my goals for 2013. This way I can eat a banana, pear, cucumber and kale in an easy, portable way.  Just warning you in case you see me with a green mustache during class.

Chai time

For those of you who got to try the Chai in the Friday class before Christmas, just wanted to share the website where I get mine in bulk:
(go to “shop”, “tea”, “bulk yogi tea”)

This is an ayurvedic herbal blend of cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom seed, clove and black pepper.  I’ve been drinking it since I was 15. It helps to purify the blood, lungs and circulatory system.


French Smoothie

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 12.39.29 PMgreen drink for health and a laugh.http://youtu.be/KzZ-5BYGYZI

Here is my French Smoothie video.  Click on the link above.

Definition of inspire

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative:   2. To breathe in (air); inhale:

Take a breath.  Are you inspired?  Are you inspiring? Are you having fun and playing?!  fun=inspiration  I am constantly looking for people who inspire me to do better, be better, feel better…to have more fun.
My wish is for you all to be inspired to have rich, fulfilling and pain free lives.
Learning new things or new ways to do the same old things stimulate our brains and break old patterns; make us feel more alive.
What can you do to stretch yourself, and get out of your comfort zone?
Please share with me and your teachers how we can encourage you to “stretch” more.
You all continue to inspire me to be a better teacher.  One student in particular this month, blew my socks off.  Scroll down to meet Betty.
with love and to your leap,

Meet Betty Block.

She is my inspiration of the month.
At age 69, she has been doing with Pilates at the Zone for the past 8 years, twice a week.  You may have met her and her husband, Phil at our PilateZone parties.
Last week she took a white water kayaking course. 75% of the students in the class were under the age of 30.  She lived to tell the tale with a huge smile on her face. (almost as big as the one she has when she does the candlestick walkover on the cadillac).  Thanks for the inspiration Betty.

My inspiration this month is to start working on that video library I mentioned in last month’s newsletter.
My goal is to make 20 Pilates and anatomy videos by July 1st to share with you.  I’m a little shy in front of the camera and decided to sign up for a course to learn how to make and be in online videos.  I’ve been working with a coach and made six short videos last week.  I’m learning about lights, camera angles, and how to be silly and have fun.   I am sharing my green smoothie recipe in a different persona.  My apologies to my European friends for the accent. Watch at your own risk..but I gotta say it was out of my comfort zone and fun.
Click on the link below the photo at the top of the page.

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

This time of year reminds me to give thanks for all that is.

I am so humbled to be of service to such a great community of movers and shakers.  Thank you!
What fun we had discovering our facia this past week in class, that web of connection that keeps us all together.  When we move with interconnectedness, everything seems easier.  Great to keep in mind as we head into the season of family…….


Stuffed Pumpkin Recipes

Three tips to help make the fall season power packed:

1. With the change of seasons and cooler weather,  keep active to stay warm.
     -Just five minutes at the beginning of the day can change your metabolism.
     – Daily powerhouse exercises heat the body. Try the “killer ab series” for daily heat:

single leg stretch, double leg stretch, scissors, double leg lowers, criss cross

2.  Rediscover a power house of an ancient food that I am in love with:
    -Quinoa is actually a seed discovered by the Incas that dates back 4000 years.  They called it “gold” because they believed it increased the stamina of the warriors.

-a complete protein containing all 9 amino acids
-rich in iron, B2, manganese and lysine
-all of this means, it helps keep red blood cells healthy, essential for tisue repair and formation of healthy bones and teeth, helps eliminate free radicals, improves energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells.

Preparation:  rinse seeds thoroughly,  simmer in covered pot: one part quinoa to two parts water or broth for 15 minutes, use like you would rice or other grains.  It’s yummy!

3. Discover the power of pumpkins.
-they are one of the richest natural sources of vitamin A, C, and E.

That got me thinking…How about quinoa stuffed pumpkins?

I am sharing two different stuffed pumpkin recipes on the website.
Just go to mayaaubreypilates.com and click on the blog for stuffed pumpkin recipes.

With love and happy halloween,


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