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Let’s do the twist!

The Twist.  Here’s a beautiful Pilates exercise done on the reformer that has it all.

Shoulder and arm strength, flexibility and killer core work. Follow these simple steps on the mat to build the strength to nail it on the reformer.


Disc a-go-go

Are you having one of those “bad back” days?  Do you want your back pain to “go go”?  Here are a few simple ways to get out of spazm and find your mobility.  Learn how the discs need to move in every direction with a few simple exercises.


Another cup of Joe

After an inspiring trip to the Gila Wilderness,  I was thankful for the strength Pilates gave me to endure and thrive on an 18 mile trek.  Let’s love those 100’s and enjoy the footage at the end, of Joe, circa 1936, working out in the woods.



Jumping is a great way to warm up your muscles before your Pilates mat work.  It also builds bone density, releases endorphins, burns calories and helps with lymph drainage.  Jump along with me and Joe.


Psoas take 2: move it!

We are continuing from the previous video.  You know where the psoas muscle is.   You can feel it.  You have learned how to relax it when it is stressed.  Now learn how using it with awareness can make many Pilates exercises feel deeper and more effortless.  Want a better teaser?  Watch now.


ch ch changes

As a Pilates student, you should know that Joe was all about the transitions.
He was NOT a dancer, but a boxer.
He studied the movement of animals and nature.   Never an awkward movement in the cats he studied and based some of his work on.

Today’s video is required viewing for all of my students of the reformer.
We’re taking a look at transitions on and off of the apparatus.  These transitions should become an exercise in themselves.
It’s about economy of movement, precision, grace and elegance.
Moving with these qualities is just as important as strength and flexibility.

Where else can you find more graceful transitions in your life?  Let me know in the comments below.



Killer abs

Learn 5 quick Pilates exercises you can do in less than two minutes to strengthen and tone your core. Try doing the exercises mentally with me first. We call this “mental simulation of movement”. Imagine YOU are on the mat moving with perfect form. Feel it. This mental rehearsal will stimulate your brain and fire muscles so when you do the exercises for real you can do them with more efficiency.


What is hip?

Whether you are wanting to improve your leg circles or just learn to to tell the difference between your hip joint and your pelvis, this video is for you.  When I first learned this Pilates mat exercise I was taught to keep my pelvis absolutely still (stable).  After watching Joe Pilates  teach it (on film), I saw everyone lifting their hips?  What’s the difference? Watch for more insights on how to create awareness in your hips.  You might even feel more “hip”.


Fly Away Shoulder Tension

How are your shoulders feeling right now? Shoulder tension is the number one complaint I hear from everyone.

Today, we’re taking a look at a bone that we share with birds. Their’s is called the furcula or “wishbone”. Can you guess what ours is called?

Get this bone rolling and it will be the key to freeing your shoulders forever.


Keep them doggies rolling

The Pilates Roll Up exercise can be difficult if your back is tight.  Learn 3 simple techniques to find a deeper, smoother roll up, keeping your spine as strong and supple as a cat.  Watch for footage of Joe Pilates doing the roll up at the end.


Are you a tight ass?

Wouldn’t you love to have more energy, a pain free back and be more flexible in your hips?  This week we’re taking a look at how your pelvis is supposed to move, in more ways than one.  A new image can completely change how an old exercise feels.


loving the 100’s

This week we’re heading into our second Pilates video. This is an exercise you either love or hate’ the 100’s.  Am I right?
I want to share a little imagery that I use that makes me look forward to this great exercise.
You can practice this imagery without ever leaving your seat or try next time you’re in class.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what you love about the 100’s and what imagery you might do.
Stick around for the end of the video for some archival film footage of Joe Pilates getting his groove on.


Pilates Love

Dear One, 

JOe and toys

So, you’ve been doing Pilates for a while and want to breath some new life into your practice?

Or are you new to Pilates or you have friends or family who may want a peek into the genius of Joe’s work?

Want to get some inspiration?

In today’s video I am hoping to share just that with you.

After 22 years of practicing Pilates I find that I can take it to a deeper level still with breath and imagery.


Click here for today’s insights.


Thanks for joining the P.A.R.T.Y.  as we all journey back to our “youthyness”.    😉

Feel free to share this with your friends and family.

Please dance with me and leave any comments below on what is inspiring you.

with love and gratitude,



Happy New You!

This is one of my favorite times of year.

After celebrating another great year with all of you at the PilateZone, I wonder what’s next?
One of the things I have pondered as I make my goals for the coming year, is how to take better care of myself.
I know that is something we share.  That is why you come to the studio.
Enough with the “doing, doing, doing”?  How do you want to feel in 2013?

What if your purpose in life is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others?

Let’s work smarter, not necessarily harder this year. Let’s eat better and be kinder.

Set an intension for your Pilates practice.  Something to come back to, keep you focused and take you deeper.
I love going back to the six Pilates Principles (as set out by Joe in his book “Return to Life”):
Concentration: awareness, knowing what’s going on in all parts of your body at all times
Centering: moving from your core
Control: complete control of your mind over your body
Precision: executing the movement exactly as it was meant to be done
Breath: breath as you move, rather than holding your breath, breath is movement
Flow: transition, how you begin and end an exercise are important

As I have always said, you are your own best teacher.
Now, don’t get me wrong, we have some amazing teachers at the Zone, but we are only as good as your attention.

Set some Pilates goals for yourself and let us know how we can help you achieve them.

We are here to serve (and have fun doing it).

My love and best wishes for a happy, healthy New You in 2013!

Look what I got for Christmas!

The Vitamix
(or as Marlyn Seckler calls it, a blender on steroids)
I’ve been looking for a way to get more fresh, whole fruits and vegetables into my diet, one of my goals for 2013. This way I can eat a banana, pear, cucumber and kale in an easy, portable way.  Just warning you in case you see me with a green mustache during class.

Chai time

For those of you who got to try the Chai in the Friday class before Christmas, just wanted to share the website where I get mine in bulk:  
(go to “shop”, “tea”, “bulk yogi tea”)

This is an ayurvedic herbal blend of cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom seed, clove and black pepper.  I’ve been drinking it since I was 15. It helps to purify the blood, lungs and circulatory system.


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