Training & Workshops

Teacher  training: 

Pilates Teacher Training with Maya Aubrey is a four month, 450 hour, comprehensive course.  Four monthly weekend intensives cover personal assessment, history of the method and the complete historical repertory of the Pilates movement vocabulary on all of the apparatus.

Weekly two hour sessions of teacher training (14 weeks) cover basics of anatomy, teaching principles and protocol and continuing study of the method.  Students observe and assist daily (135) hours) choosing from the 35 classes offered weekly at the studio.  Students are also required to take three equipment classes weekly (150) hours and can use the studio to practice their student teaching (80) hours).  A comprehensive written and practical exam will be given at the completion of the 450 hours of study.

(At this time the teacher training is on hold and is on apprenticeship only)

Continuing education and Franklin classes

Pilates workshops include fundamentals to advanced work on all of the apparatus and mat work. Workshops can be focused towards clients with special needs such as hip replacements and spinal conditions. Workshops can range from three hours to two days.


Franklin workshops for the spine, shoulders, pelvis, knee, and foot.

The Franklin® Method is a profound way to teach people about themselves. Experiential anatomy, somatics and imagery are at the heart of the method offering an intrinsic experience of feeling one’s individual body. The modern science’s of anatomy, body mechanics, neuroplasticity, physics, physiology, and sports psychology add to a knowledge base which allows the individual to fundamentally know their self. To be precise the Franklin® Method is the newest and most innovative way to learn about the moving, breathing, thinking, living individual YOU. The goal is a healthier, happier life by helping to improve one’s experience and skill within all the activities one loves to do.  These course can be life changing for your body and mind.

These sessions can be for the individual or a group.

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